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What Happened to the Tyrant

With cafila aeterna

Camden People's Theatre, London

April 2010

“This world, as it is, is unbearable. that’s why I need the moon.” Caligula

Combining story-telling and clown with a detailed physical vocabulary, what happened to the tyrant takes its audience on a promenade in a museum where the tyrant is carefully preserved… against his better judgement. Live tyrants are trapped here in this archive; moments of becoming-tyrant are pinned up like butterflies; tales of tyrannizing are put on display like relics from lands afar and days bygone.

So what happened to the tyrant—these tyrants? How did they each end up a Caligula, eyes locked on the moon, mind set on the impossible? Still trying to understand. What happened to him. What he himself did.

Photo: Scott Robinson

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