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ECC Performance Art

Since June 2020 I have taught an international online course on performance art practice titled 'Rules of the Game: Introduction to task-based performance and art'. The course is run twice a year.

Rules of the Game is about task-based performance; about instructions, directives, rules and tasks as a way of conceiving performance. What is foregrounded through experimenting with constraints is that they are ‘creative enablers’, focusing the artist’s attention; and ‘calls to action’ that invite the active participation of others. We experiment with responding to instructions, creating instructions for others and following one’s own instructions, and all the while the focus is on producing performance work that might reveal certain idiosyncracies in the artists’ way of working, that might push them out of their comfort zones and that might uncover something unexpected and worth pursuing further.

ECC Performance Art is an online teaching and research platform dedicated to strengthening the discipline of performance art by providing artists, scholars, and curators with a range of tools and insights for their professional growth. ECC Performance Art offers an extensive course program related to key aspects of performance art practice, its theoretical investigation, as well as its documentation and forms of curation and exhibition. Artistic and research projects developed in collaboration with ECC Performance Art cross theoretical and disciplinary boundaries and pioneer approaches to how we think about, study, exhibit, and produce performance art.

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